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Margaretha M. Smit

Margaretha M. Smit

Juris Doctorate, Master International Business Administration
Master European Studies/Economics
Fluent in Spanish, French, German, Dutch, and English

Margaretha Smit, Greta to her friends, is an analytical, multi-lingual attorney with a strong interest in international affairs and immigration law with an emphasis on corporate and business practice.

Margaretha maintains a wide breadth of skills that enhance her ability to balance the legal, technical, logistical and international aspects of her practice resulting in complex Immigration solutions for her clients. Ms. Smit’s penchant for in-depth research coupled with her diverse education and background provides for optimal results in serving her clients.

1994 . University of amsterdam

Greta was raised in Europe and educated at the University of Amsterdam, Netherlands receiving her Masters of European Studies in Economics, Spanish and French in 1994.

1997 . Nijenrode University

Greta then attended Nijenrode University, Breukelen, Netherlands receiving a Master of International Business Administration (M.B.A.), 1997. 

2007 . Golden Gate University

Greta then continued in the United States at Golden Gate University, School of Law, San Francisco, California, receiving her Juris Doctor in December 2007 with Honors.

2009 . Burnham Brown
Greta’s early legal experience covers a wide range of civil litigation, including Toxic Torts, Premises Liability Wrongful Death, Fraud, Breach of Contract, Construction Defects and Business Litigation. During her time at Burnham Brown, from March 2009 until March 2012, Greta drafted and argued motions, and deposed parties and expert witnesses. Greta handled her own cases from inception through settlement or trial.
2013 . Sutton Hatmaker Law Corporation

At Sutton Hatmaker Law Corporation, Greta gained extensive litigation and investigative experience in employment law from January 2013 until the corporation dissolved in March 2014. She advised and represented employers in wrongful termination, discrimination, sexual and other unlawful harassment, whistleblower, breach of contract and other employment-related cases. Furthermore, she represented employers in connection with employment policies, compliance, wage and hour, risk management issues, contract preparation, and employee disputes.

Compuware Corporation
Greta exhibits a powerful combination of proven legal expertise, solid communication and presentation skills, and hands-on trial experience. In addition to her legal experience, she also has a business background working side by side with the C.O.O. and the C.F.O. at Compuware Corporate, a global software company, where she was instrumental in re-engineering the European operations as part of the Change Management Team. Greta developed and executed a communication plan in support of an overall re-engineering initiative for the purpose of saving $11 million per annum. As an integral part of the Human Resource Department, Greta coordinated and oversaw the day-to-day communications to the entire European organization.
Cambridge Technology Partners

At Cambridge Technology Partners, Greta analyzed and evaluated knowledge management infrastructure and systems, using literature and action research as well as benchmarking. She researched the concept of Organizational Learning and applied findings to clients – recommended how to more effectively create, capture and share knowledge and move their enterprise towards a “learning organization” to achieve superior performance levels and faster innovation.

Greta is fluent in five languages – English, Dutch, Spanish, German, French – and conversant in Italian. Coming from Europe and having gone through the immigration process herself as a first-generation immigrant, Greta understands the importance of professional support and assistance given the complexity and potentially devastating consequences of error and delay. Greta has a tremendous drive and compassion to help people. With her international background, she is uniquely situated to communicate with and understand people from diverse nationalities and assist them in resolving legal issues in many different areas.

Over 13 years of experience successfully defended hundreds of immigrants